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Gadani’s ship-breaking workers threaten to go on strike

Mon Aug 07 07:31:28 CEST 2017 arnekiel

The Ship Breaking Workers Union Gadani has warned of going on strike in mid-August if their employers and the government do not fulfil their demands of provision of health and safety facilities at workplaces, increments in salaries and wages as well as special legislation for their industry. Addressing a press conference on Thursday at the Karachi Press Club, union president Bashir Mehmoodani said that the ship-breakers and authorities seemed least bothered about workers’ safety at the yards, despite witnessing one of the deadliest disasters in the history of the industry last November. On November 1, 2016, 26 workers were killed and dozens others injured when a decommissioned oil tanker, MT Aces, caught fire during the dismantling process. The blaze ripped through the tanker and continued to rage for three to four days due to the lack of fire extinguishing facilities at the yard.

Working conditions at Gadani ship-breaking yard ‘still bad’

Mon May 22 12:52:45 CEST 2017 arnekiel

Despite the loss of almost 40 lives of workers at the Gadani ship-breaking yard since November 2016, no efforts have been made by the state or the owners to improve the conditions. This was stated by Nasser Mansoor, general secretary of the Pakistan National Trades Unions Federation (PNTUF), while addressing a seminar at the Irtiqa Institute of Social Sciences on Saturday evening. Departments like the police and the environment took bribes from the owners to do their bidding against the labourers, he alleged.

Families of Gadani ship fire victims get compensation

Mon Jan 23 07:47:13 CET 2017 arnekiel

TIMERGARA: The Gadani ship-breaking yard owners and representatives of the Balochistan government on Saturday handed over Rs18 million compensation cheques to the legal heirs of nine victims of the Nov 1 tragedy. A function in this regard was held at Khall here with MPA Sahibzada Sanaullah in the chair. Heirs of victims, their relatives, local government representatives and area elders attended the function. Nine out of the 29 victims belonged to Khall, Toormang and Bebiawar areas of Lower and Upper Dir. MPA Sanaullah, Gadani ship breaking yard corporation’s representatives Seth Abdul Ghani, Babu Karim Jan, Gul Badshah and district councillor Malik Mohammad Zeb distributed cheques among heirs of the victims. Each family was provided with Rs2 million (17,750 Euro) (Rs1.5 million by the ship-breakers while Rs500,000 by the Baluchistan government) as per decision made earlier by the trade union, ship breaking yard owners and Balochistan government.

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