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Bangladesh opens Chattogram, Mongla ports for India trade

Mon Oct 29 10:13:33 UTC 2018 arnekiel

India and Bangladesh on Thursday signed an agreement to use the Chattogram and Mongla ports in Bangladesh for movement of goods to and from India. The countries also decided to initiate Kolkata-Dhaka-Guwahati-Jorhat river cruise services. The agreements were signed during the 19th edition of the standing committee meeting under the Protocol on Inland Water Transit and Trade in New Delhi. The two-day secretary-level talks between India and Bangladesh concluded on Thursday, Oct. 18.

Coal-laden vessel capsize: Salvage work to start in several days

Sun Jan 15 08:48:57 UTC 2017 arnekiel

The accident will not affect Mongla Port's traffic, officials say The operation to salvage a coal-laden lighterage ship that capsized off the coast of Sundarbans will commence in a few days, the vessel’s owner says. Mongla Port Chairman AKM Faruk Hasan said the sunken vessel posed no threat to the port and the channel. Harbour Master Commander Md Waliullah explained that MV Aishgati went down about a kilometre from the port’s main channel. “It will not affect the port’s traffic,” he said. Vessel owner Kazi Golam Faruk said his crew was safe after being rescued by a passing ship. “The salvage operation will start after two-three days with the local administration’s assistance,” he added. Port Chairman Faruk said the harbour master had been ordered to closely monitor the situation and make arrangements for salvaing the sunken vessel. MV Aishgati was carrying over 1,000 tonnes of coal to Jessore’s Noapara.

Mongla-Ghasiakhali channel reopens for bigger vessels

Thu Oct 06 13:36:31 UTC 2016 arnekiel

Authorities have reopened the crucial 31 kilometres long Mongla-Ghasiakhali channel on completion of required dredging for movement of bigger vessels in the route keeping waterways adjacent to the Sundarbans undisturbed. “We have reopened the this crucial channel three days ago for vessels with draft as high as 14 feet which were previously required to use rivers and canals inside the Sundarbans,” Bangladesh Inland Water and Transport Authority’s (BIWTA) superintendent engineer Sayedur Rahman told newsmen at the scene. He said silts deposited in the channel for years earlier turned the Mongla-Ghasiakhali channel unsuitable for movement of vessels forcing them to use the canals and rivers inside the world’s largest mangrove forest exposing it to environmental dangers. “On completion of the dredging works now every day at least 50 to 70 cargo vessels of 6 to 8 feet draft and 40 to 60 vessels of 10 to 14 feet draft are using the 31-km waterways bypassing the Sundarbans,” a BIWTA spokesman said.

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