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No long-term negative effects from Squamish dock fire, says report

Tue May 12 13:59:00 CEST 2015 arnekiel

The Squamish Terminals dock fire that burned for three days in mid April, left no long-term negative effects on air and water quality, according to a news release by the terminals. It cited Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) which endorsed the monitoring report on the fire, a report conducted by Envirochem Services. Fuelled by creosote-covered pilings, the intense fire forced the evacuation of the workforce from the Terminals, which are located north of Vancouver, British Columbia. There were no serious injuries. The report concluded that there was no evident risk of “contamination of soil or vegetation” nor of “unacceptable air quality or risk for adverse exposure at sensitive receptor locations monitored downwind of the fire.”

Large fire causes massive damage at Squamish Terminals

Fri Apr 17 08:31:37 CEST 2015 arnekiel

A fire at Squamish Terminals caused massive damage to the docks and created noxious smoke that could be seen and smelled throughout the region on Thursday evening (Apr. 16). It started just before 6:30 p.m. next to or on a Star Atlantic Timber Carrier, but quickly spread throughout the docks. Several videos and photos on

Fire breaks out at deep-water shipping terminal in British Columbia

Fri Apr 17 08:22:45 CEST 2015 arnekiel

Dark, smelly smoke from a fire at a deep-water port billowed over the town of Squamish, forcing officials to ask residents to stay indoors. Kim Stegeman of Squamish Terminals said the blaze broke out just after 6 p.m. Thursday at the facility at the north end of Howe Sound and about an hour's drive from Vancouver. "There was a ship at the dock but it did not catch fire," she said. "It is safe and away from danger. She said everyone who was working at the site was accounted for and evacuated. Stegeman said she doesn't know how the blaze started. Firefighters were on site and the District of Squamish said in a news release that a fire boat from Vancouver was on its way to the scene. A spokeswoman for B.C. Emergency Health Services said four ambulance crews, a helicopter and a critical-care team were on standby but nobody was transported.

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