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Chinese-Built Port Evokes Dreams of El Dorado in Cameroon

Sat Sep 01 17:33:00 CEST 2018 arnekiel

Since the initial agreement to build the port at Kribi was signed in 2009, 10 Chinese firms, including CHEC and its holding company, China Communications Construction Co., have obtained concessions to mine bauxite, iron ore and other minerals. Other Chinese companies are constructing office towers in the capital, Yaounde, and stadiums for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations soccer tournament. The Kribi project also highlights CHEC’s rapid expansion on the continent, where it’s won dozens of contracts and is expanding ports from Guinea in West Africa to Tanzania in the east. In Cameroon, CHEC has the country’s largest projects: the first and second stages of the Kribi complex will cost $1.3 billion, while it’s also building a $453 million highway linked to the port, holds a contract to dredge the port of Douala and has signed an accord for a railway to the Mbalam iron-ore deposit. After a slow start, the port shipped almost 3,000 logs of timber from the Central African Republic by June and handled about 80 vessels by mid-July.

The CMA CGM BIANCA, largest ship to call in Cameroon (Kribi)

Sat Mar 03 23:28:41 CET 2018 arnekiel

The CMA CGM Group, a leader in maritime transport, is pleased to announce the start of its commercial operations at the Kribi Container Terminal. On this occasion, the CMA CGM BIANCA, 8721 TEUs and 335 meters long, became the largest container ship to call in Cameroon on 2 March 2018, the company said in its press release.

Cameroon: Operations to effectively start at Kribi deep water port soon

Fri Feb 23 10:04:09 CET 2018 arnekiel

We’ve come to Kribi for a large concertation between actors of external trade and to take initial steps towards the effective start of operations at Kribi deep-water port”. These were the words of Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o, minister of transport, at the end of a meeting organized in the city from February 15-16, 2018. It was organized to install the actors of the future port community. Behind the scenes, during this meeting, it was revealed that the first commercial boat to sail at the port has already left for Kribi. Earlier in January 2018, Lionel Odeyer, the managing director of CMA-CGM Cameroon, announced that this commercial boat would sail by March 1, 2018, latest. The managing director of the French shipping company, which is part of the consortium which won the contract to build the container terminal section of Kribi port, announced this at the end of a meeting with the minister of transport. “There will be many weekly stops. There will be a stop which will come directly from Asia and we will also have two weekly services which will come directly from Europe ; Italy, and Spain)”, He said. Let’s note that the commissioning of Kribi deep-water port had been announced many times. Every time, however, it was postponed due to prolonged administrative formalities, officials explained. Source: Business In Cameroon

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