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Upgrade at port in Seychelles relieves congestion, reduces unloading time

Fri Jul 06 08:31:18 CEST 2018 arnekiel

A new quay to reduce unloading time of purse seiners and relieve congestion in the Seychelles’ Port of Victoria was officially opened during the weekend. The Ile du Port Handling Services (IPHS) port is a 425-metre commercial fishing quay next to the Port of Victoria. Seychelles’ Minister for Tourism, Port and Civil Aviation, Didier Dogley, said that since the commissioning of part of the quay in January 2016, transactions at the ports have improved significantly. A representative of IPHS, Arthur de Bretagne, said that the new quay “will be a cornerstone for new investments and new businesses dedicated to the fisheries industry.” The IPHS was mandated to construct and manage the quay, undertake stevedoring operations and other related port activities. The port will be transferred to the government after recovery of the construction and financing cost, which amount to $18 million.

Seychelles’ port expansion means bigger ships, better technology, security

Wed Jan 18 09:53:20 CET 2017 arnekiel

Authorities plan to expand Port Victoria in Seychelles to serve more — and larger — vessels, a top official of the Seychelles Port Authority said. The existing quay of Port Victoria, currently 270 metres long, will be extended an additional 330 metres and will be able to accommodate two boats measuring up to 250 metres in length at the same time. The chief executive of the Seychelles Port Authority, Andre Cisseau, told SNA that, “The expansion followed a decision by the authority and the government to ensure that Seychelles remain the favourable port of call in the region.” Ciseau said that the development will allow the authority to serve a greater size and capacity of vessel entering the port. The project will cost around $107 million and is expected to start in late 2017 and be completed by 2021.

New quays planned for Seychelles' main port

Mon Mar 31 10:50:43 CEST 2014 arnekiel

The Seychelles government has awarded Luxembourg-based Jaccar Holdings a build-operate-transfer contract to construct a 425m commercial fishing quay on the north side of Ile du Port.

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