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 Aju  (Container Ship)
407 days ago by Timsen

Arrest of ship defended
The PDZ Holdings Bhd (PDZ) was working to defend against the arrest of the "PDZ Maju", after Continental Platform (M) Sdn Bhd (CPSB) has moved to claim RM563,311 ($127,662.59) in unpaid bunkers dues. The vessel's arrest in Kota Kenambalu was made in relation to the non-payment for bunkers supplied to PDZ Mewah in December 2016. Since the vessel's arrest, PDZ has been in negotiations with CPSB in an effort to reach a settlement out of court. However, the board was of the opinion that negotiations with CPSB has since fell through and, upon obtaining legal advice, has resolved to take steps to defend the arrest of the vessel and any claims that may subsequently be filed and set it aside. Mohd Latip & Associates, PDZ's solicitors, has said the company has a strong case with which to challenge the vessel's arrest and set aside the claims. The group has made the necessary arrangements to secure slots from third-party vessels as an interim measure to continue providing customers with the same services as currently provided," said PDZ, noting that it expects losses resulting from the vessel's arrest to fall within a range of RM45,000 ($10,198.30) to RM50,000 ($11,331.45) per month, including costs for purchasing slots. Dan-Bunkering (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Dan-Bunkering) served a warrant of arrest on PDZ Mewah in relation to the supply of bunkers.

 Stellar Daisy  (Bulk Carrier)
407 days ago by Timsen

Search operation scaled down
The American aircraft that joined the search for the still missing crew of the "Stellar Daisy" 3,700 kilometers off the coast of Uruguay, made its last patrol on Apr 13, while the "General Artigas - ROU 04" continued the search for the 22 crew members. The Uruguayan rescue vessel, with its 86 crew members, was currently working under stable meteorological conditions with 1.5-meter-high waves and 40-kilometer-hour winds. The crew found an unnamed and unmarked lifeboat that could not be linked to the missing freighter. Three of the five rafts that were on the ship have appeared, two more were not yet found. The Argentinian corvette "Guerrico" has also departed the scene, and the Polaris ore carrier "Stellar Cosmo" left for Cape Town after an inspection revealed the need for repairs being the third Polaris VLOC conversion showing some form of deficiency: after the "Stellar Daisy" went down, Polaris ordered an urgent inspection of all 19 of its converted VLOCs, which all began their lives in the 1990s as oil tankers. The review also found cracking on the "Stellar Unicorn", which has also headed into port at Cape Town for repairs.

 Aran  (Tug)
407 days ago by Timsen

Tug detained after alleged boarder infliction
The "Aran" was alleged of inflicting Russia's boarder, coming from Ravenna, in Crimean waters on Apr 10, 2017, and was boarded by Russian soldiers. The captain and six crew members, citizens of Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro, were on board the ship. The "Aran" was brought to Kerch and may not leave the port before a judgment has been pronounced. The owner of the vessel may be sentenced to a fine of 430,000 rubles (7196 Euros). Earlier, Russian boarder soldiers in the Crimea had stopped a Ukrainian fishing boat for alleged violation of the state boarder. The captain was fined with 60,000 rubles (about 1000 Euros).

 Fedor Varaksin  (General Cargo Ship)
407 days ago by BerndU

beached at Aliaga 14.04.17

 MSC Daniela  (Container Ship)
407 days ago by Timsen

Ship brought to port
The "MSC Daniela" docked at the International Container Terminal in Colombo on Apr 14 at 7.30 a.m. Firefighters still had to cool some of the burnt boxes, and the ship could not yet be inspected properly. Firefighters continued to cool the affected zone. White fumes was still rising from the vessel, with a number of Navy and CG ships gathered nearby. Helicopters were deployed too.

 Alex  (Oil And Chemical Tanker > Crude Oil Tanker)
407 days ago by Timsen

Grounding in Karimata Strait
The "Alex" ran aground in the afternoon of Apr 12, 2017, in the South China Sea in position 01 56S 108 08E, about 40 miles north of Pulau Belitung island in the Karimata Strait. The tanker was en route from Galveston to Ningbo fully loaded and was sailing between Borneo and Sumatra when she ran aground on a soft mud bottom. No injuries or pollution have been reported while the vessel remained safely aground, in good weather. No breach of hull, water ingress or mechanical failure were apparent in the assessment made by the crew. The Euronav Ship Management has activated its emergency response plan and has notified all the relevant authorities; the emergency team was assessing options on how to refloat the ship. A surveyor was expected to arrive on board for further inspections.

 Zhen Fen 14  (Bulk Carrier)
407 days ago by BerndU

arrived Jiangyin Scrapyard
arrived Jiangyin Scrapyard 14.04.17

 Bangsaotong  (General Cargo Ship)
407 days ago by BerndU

beached at Chittagong 14.04.17

 Mys Slepikovskogo  (Fishing Vessel)
407 days ago by Timsen

Medevac off Tromsö
The Norwegian Coast Guard assisted an injured sailor aboard the "Mys Slepikovskogo" on Apr 14, 2017, off Tromsö. A fisherman jad suffered open fractures in the leg. The patrol boat "Bergen" deployed its helicopter to medevac the patient to shore. Photos:

 Stark  (Container Ship)
407 days ago by BerndU

beached at Chittagong 13.04.17

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